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Using Social Media Influencers to Boost Your Impact // Dec 23 // JLB

At some point, you’ll need to ask yourself how important your online presence is. SEO has come a long way. Now, it’s intertwined with Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp, but it’s becoming increasingly complicated. Social media, at its core, encourages engagement and real-world conversations. Essentially, it’s a link between your […]

Why E-Commerce Will Soon Extend to Facebook and Twitter // Dec 16 // JLB

Even small businesses are hopping about the e-commerce train, and for good reason: It’s becoming accessible on social media. SEO and digital marketing services in Nashville are booming, and business professionals are capitalizing on the digital world’s rapid adoption of brick-and-mortar sales options. Whether you’re trying to drive in-store sales or establish an e-commerce platform, […]

2016’s Biggest Social Media Trends for Business // Apr 11 // JLB

Social Media Trends – JLB Web Design Franklin TN This year, social media adoption hit a new high. Around the world, there are now more than 2 billion active social media users (growing at a steady pace of 25 percent a year). This means more people now regularly use social media than the entire populations of […]

The Cost of a Website from 1995 to the present // Nov 01 // JLB

We were researching about technology finance and found this interesting research by webpagefx.com.  They examined the average costs of websites over time and focused on what websites should cost for 2014.  We found this fascinating.  Take a look at tell us what you think.   What is the Average Website Cost in 2014? Here is […]

Measuring Social Media ROI // Oct 03 // JLB

We found this really cool article by Shea Bennett on Media Bistro and had to share it with you. 6 Steps to Measure Social Media ROI How do you measure social media return on investment (ROI)? It’s the age-old question. For many social media marketers, brands and entrepreneurs, calculating exactly what they’re getting back out […]

Instagram, Snapseed, Flickr and more in Web Design // Sep 02 // JLB

Trend Expert Elise Moreau is breaking it down for us with 10 free Apps for the iPhone user.  Check out her article from webtrends.about.com: The camera on the Apple iPhone has the ability to capture extraordinary image quality and virtually as much photo detail as a professional camera can, making it arguably the number one […]

Going Viral // Sep 01 // JLB

10 of the Most Creative Ice Bucket Challenge Videos These Challengers Went Above and Beyond for a Great Cause Check out this article by Elise Moreau, Trends Expert on webtrends.about.com The #IceBucketChallenge was one of the biggest viral sensations of 2014. You couldn’t refresh any of your social feeds without seeing a video shared of some famous […]

Facebook 101 // Jul 26 // JLB

A big shout out to Buffer’s Kevan Lee for bringing us the latest on Facebook’s changes.  Read his article below: New Facebook Page Redesign: Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Page Notice anything different about your Facebook page? Facebook is in the process of rolling out a series of changes for all business pages, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Social Media // Jul 22 // JLB

Wondering how to capture your audience with images on social media?  Check out the latest by Sajo George called The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Social Media We usually digest visual information better than text-based content. We can make use of this when optimizing our social media marketing campaigns to give ourselves an edge […]

10 Unique Insights to Look For in Your Social Media Monitoring // Jul 14 // JLB

We found this article written by Courtney Seiter on Buffer to be most helpful when strategically attacking the world of social media.  Check it out: One of the most fascinating things about social media is its ability to clue you in to things that you might otherwise have had no idea even existed—there are tons […]