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Design Books that I like to read, Vol. II // Jul 31 // JLB

With lots of “do’s” and “don’ts” from an industry insider willing to be open about the mistakes he’s made (so you don’t have to), this book is perfect for a junior (or senior) designer needing to know how to present themselves

Design Books that I like to read. // Jul 10 // JLB

It’s no secret that I don’t like to read fiction. If I’m going to sit down and read something that’s more than 100 pages, I want to learn something new or discover a different way of doing things that relate to my craft.

Design Blogs // Jun 01 // JLB

As a graphic designer, I do a lot of blog reading. I subscribe to a little over 20 blogs and check them on a daily basis. This is my list of top 7 blogs that I read. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Business Cards…love 'em or leave 'em? // Mar 20 // JLB

This week at JLB marked a milestone in my career as a graphic designer — I am the proud owner of my very own business card, with my name on it and everything!

This momentous event got me thinking, though. Where did business cards come from? And are thes

Spec work rears its ugly head // Feb 24 // JLB

Today I read a post from one of my former professors at the design school I attended that talks about a site called Crowdspring.com. “Basically people post graphic design projects and a bunch of so-called ‘designers’ (read: people with no training who

You Need Us…You Know You Do – Part 6 // Feb 11 // JLB

Do you know that awesome feeling you get when you finish something you have been working on for a long time? Well, you are about to experience it! We have finally reached the last two steps in this 12-step process about how designers can help you create a

You need us….You know you do – Part 5 // Jan 23 // JLB

It’s a new year and that means its time for a new you, or rather a new brand for your business. And its time to get to work! We are about the cross the finish line as all of our hard work is about to culminate in these next few steps. If you aren

A New Venture // Jan 23 // JLB

Not too long ago I found a site that does "one-off" screen-printing on American Apparel t-shirts. Traditionally, screen-printing involves "burning" graphic designs into silk screens that are then laid on top of a t-shirt (or whatever f

You need us….You know you do – Part 4 // Dec 08 // JLB

With 2009 right around the corner it seems most people are starting to think about resolutions. A new year is a great time to start fresh and reinvent yourself and your business. If you are one of those people wanting to start the new year with a new b

be a typographist in your spare time // Nov 24 // JLB

For this blog post, I decided to start a series focusing on typography.  Everyday designers use an element of design that may be taken for granted by most people; an element that I personally find most beautiful. This morning I received an e-mail