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Techies and sports!? // Aug 10 // JLB

It’s a well-known fact that developers are problem-solvers. We live for problems, find solace in equations, get enveloped in logical puzzles. It’s only natural that our talents would be carried outside of our jobs into our daily social

Rebranding a giant… // Jul 30 // JLB

Starbucks Coffee’s latest move has a lot of baristas shaking their heads. If you haven’t heard, the skinny is: The company has launched a new brand of coffee shops, 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea

Apple, You Had Me At, "Hello" // Jun 10 // JLB

I still remember that wonder day mid-2004 when I made my first truly new Apple purchase, a 12″ PowerBook G4 to replace the 12″ iBook G3 I’d been using for a few years. The aluminum was sturdy, showing no fingerprints, the keys felt firm under my fingers

Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at social networking on his Late Night Show // May 29 // JLB

I laughed out loud thinking about how different life is now with all of these different venues for communication

Long live the 80s!… and calculator watches // May 15 // JLB

When I was a kid, I used to be the king of watches. From weather-forecasting barometer watches to flip-face Ninja Turtle watches, I had to have them. However, perhaps my favorite of them all was this little gem that I happened to come across…

The Beach at its Best // Apr 30 // JLB

April 4 could not come soon enough! It was the day that we would journey down to the white sandy beaches of the Florida panhandle. We all were giddy as we picked up our key fobs for the condo

My Dog Max // Apr 10 // JLB

Today is my wife’s birthday. Her name is Elly, and we’ve been married for seven months now. Lately, we’ve been talking about getting a dog. “Think of it as a prerequisite to having children,” she says

Fashionable Lunch, A Fun Affair // Mar 01 // JLB

On Wednesday, Boxwood Bistro hosted a Fashionable lunch to support Mercy Children’s Clinic. For a donation to the clinic, guests were served a delicious lunch while models showed off the latest fashions for spring. The clothing included everything from li

Mardi Gras // Feb 20 // JLB

Fat Tuesday is upon us. For some people this might not mean much but for others Mardi Gras marks Carnival’s climatic ending. These celebrations are traditions in the United States in cities such as New Orleans and Mobile and around the world in places suc

5 Things You Don't Know about Twitter // Feb 11 // JLB

Okay okay. Before you roll your eyes…
Raise your eyelids and open your mouth … that’s it… now you look surprised. And you should.

If you’re not Tweeting (slang for making Twitter posts), you could be misisng out on a novel and (somewhat) effective