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JLB Launches TNWagyu.com // May 08 // JLB

JLB is proud to announce the launch of one it’s latest creations!  TNWagyu.com, based in Franklin at Spring Hollow Cattle Company, provides wagyu beef to high-end chefs and restaurants throughout Middle Tennessee.  Wagyu originates from several breeds of Japanese cattle and is known for its intense and unique marbling, which not only makes it the […]

iPhone’s are the next graphic designer. // Nov 23 // JLB

iPhone’s are extraordinary but they seem to be encroaching on my job. An iPhone owner has access to hundreds of really creative apps that are made for photography or basic graphic design needs. Hipstamatic and Instagram are two great examples of apps that have almost completely removed the need for post production photo editing. Well, now […]

Party on Main Street // Apr 24 // JLB

Shutting down Main Street is becoming commonplace in Downtown Franklin!Bring your friends and family for some good, small-town Franklin fun! The weekend of April 30-May 1 is my favorite–Main Street Festival! It’s so much fun to shop and eat and visit with all the friends you meet walking down the street. It is expanding this […]

The Beauty and the Blog // Mar 26 // JLB

Coincidentally, I’m taking a break from doing researching companies that blog to write a blog for JLB. We all know that JLB has a model blog…But over on www.FranklinIs.com, blogs hve not found their place.

Make your vote count! // Nov 13 // JLB

The November 4th election is over and we all heard about the high voter turnout at the polls. Whether you are pleased, disappointed or indifferent to the outcomes of this year’s election, you probably felt the pressure to cast your vote. So that&

Franklin’s Fabulous Fall Events // Oct 22 // JLB

One of the most popular sections of FranklinIs.com is the calendar of events. The calendar includes events from around Williamson County and the Nashvill

FranklinIs.com will be resource for local parents // Jul 11 // JLB

FranklinIs.com currently features resources for locals, visitors, and people relocating to Williamson County. In addition, the