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A very ferry Seattle // Jan 31 // JLB

I realize that I may have missed a post or two leading into this, but after moving to Portland within the past month, I decided to make it my goal to get out and experience as many parts of the Pacific Northwest as humanly possible. This past weekend, I found myself in Seattle for a […]

A sign of the times? Google's management merry-go-round… // Jan 22 // JLB

When news broke this week of Google’s impending leadership changes, the tech community was buzzing. Most excitement and speculation centered around what motivated current CEO Eric Schmidt announcement that he was vacating his role in order to let Co-Founder Larry Page fill the position.

Winter wonderland // Jan 12 // JLB

Kids are out of school and snow is on the ground…time to go sledding! Half the fun is walking through the snow to get to the sledding hill. It hasn’t been this beautiful in our neighborhood in a while! The little ones love the ride and the dog can’t get enough of the snow. Needless […]

Sort of new Starbucks… // Jan 05 // JLB

Today Starbucks announced that they had a new logo “evolution” to unveil to the world. You can read about it on their site here or read this CNN Money article here. ?It almost seems like Starbucks is making the whole logo change into a bigger deal than it is…sort of: “The new logo expresses what […]