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Montana: God's gift to me // Aug 31 // JLB

It was vacation time again for the web dept. at JLB and this time the winds blew me west to the amazingly beautiful state of Montana. Elk and bears and eagles, oh my!

A vacation from my problems… // Aug 31 // JLB

For our 2 year anniversary, my wife and I took a trip down to Savannah, GA. We decided on Savannah for several reasons: 1) Though Elly took a trip down there a few years ago, I’d never been but heard great things about it. 2) We both love small towns (especially the ones that don’t […]

SEO… meet Social Networking // Aug 28 // JLB

Here at JLB, we use an array of tools to help our clients’ websites get noticed. When we build a website and help promote that site online, some of our goals include increasing traffic, generating leads, and bolstering business.

The end of forgetting? // Aug 12 // JLB

Will the legacies we leave in our social networking spaces and blog posts dictate our future choices and otherwise define our yet-to-be?