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Sand, sun and bikinis… oh my. // Jun 29 // JLB

We here at JLB tend to work like pretty hard. We also like to take vacations.

Ni Hao from China // Jun 23 // JLB

This week my kids and I have been spending our (amazingly hot!) mornings at Family Bible Adventure at Christ Community Church. This year it’s an around the world adventure! The kids who come get to do everything from paint eggs in Russia to make mud sculptures in Africa to taste sopapillas in South America. My […]

FSB Grand Opening // Jun 22 // JLB

Franklin Synergy Bank has just opened a new branch in Franklin and they had their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting today! JLB has worked closely with Aimee Punessen, the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Public & Investor Relations to make sure the Grand Opening was a success. Constant Craving catered the food, Southern Events provided […]

Every four years // Jun 16 // JLB

It only happens every four years… You know what I’m talking about. The local and national nightly news, America’s sports bastion ESPN, late-night talk shows, and even Google are showcasing the World Cup on a daily basis.