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Backlinks (web gold), pt. 2 // Aug 25 // JLB

One of the central questions that arises, time and again, about backlinks is “HOW?” How does a web developer obtain quality backlinks to his/her website without engaging in reciprocity

Techies and sports!? // Aug 10 // JLB

It’s a well-known fact that developers are problem-solvers. We live for problems, find solace in equations, get enveloped in logical puzzles. It’s only natural that our talents would be carried outside of our jobs into our daily social

Helping Williamson County Parks & Rec… // Aug 03 // JLB

Over the past several months, our team has collaborated closely with the Parks & Rec admins to re-cast the county’s site — with an improved Information Architecture, attractive Graphic Design and robust Content Management System

Five Things a Pregnant Web Developer Should Not Forget // Aug 01 // JLB

About six weeks ago, we found out that our family is going to grow come February 2010. We’re really excited! However, the first few months of pregnancy have made me realize that there are some things I take for granted in my daily duties as a web developer and content manager. Here are five little tips that I’ve found that help me get through the day.