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Helping the TCWPA preserve history // Jun 12 // JLB

TCWPA recently hired JLB to update its website with a new graphic design, new site infrstructure & architecture, new content management system (cms), online membership database and acceptance of online donations.

Apple, You Had Me At, "Hello" // Jun 10 // JLB

I still remember that wonder day mid-2004 when I made my first truly new Apple purchase, a 12″ PowerBook G4 to replace the 12″ iBook G3 I’d been using for a few years. The aluminum was sturdy, showing no fingerprints, the keys felt firm under my fingers

Design Blogs // Jun 01 // JLB

As a graphic designer, I do a lot of blog reading. I subscribe to a little over 20 blogs and check them on a daily basis. This is my list of top 7 blogs that I read. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.