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Spec work rears its ugly head // Feb 24 // JLB

Today I read a post from one of my former professors at the design school I attended that talks about a site called Crowdspring.com. “Basically people post graphic design projects and a bunch of so-called ‘designers’ (read: people with no training who

Mardi Gras // Feb 20 // JLB

Fat Tuesday is upon us. For some people this might not mean much but for others Mardi Gras marks Carnival’s climatic ending. These celebrations are traditions in the United States in cities such as New Orleans and Mobile and around the world in places suc

Google adds Tasks to its list of tools // Feb 13 // JLB

Back in November, I wrote about the organizational challenges that I sometimes face, and about the help I received from an application called Shovebox. More recently, I’ve discovered a additional tool for keeping my thoughts together

Google goes biblical? // Feb 12 // JLB

Not that it’s entirely common to have duplicate content displayed displayed on differing pages of a website (I’m not talking a paragraph or two; I mean from start to finish), but sometimes it just happens. Since there’s really no point in have both these

5 Things You Don't Know about Twitter // Feb 11 // JLB

Okay okay. Before you roll your eyes…
Raise your eyelids and open your mouth … that’s it… now you look surprised. And you should.

If you’re not Tweeting (slang for making Twitter posts), you could be misisng out on a novel and (somewhat) effective

You Need Us…You Know You Do – Part 6 // Feb 11 // JLB

Do you know that awesome feeling you get when you finish something you have been working on for a long time? Well, you are about to experience it! We have finally reached the last two steps in this 12-step process about how designers can help you create a

Five Questions with John Crain concerning AJAX // Feb 09 // JLB

AJAX is a combination of web development techniques used to create interactive web applications. In short, AJAX allows an application to send and retrieve data in the background.

Groundhog’s Day // Feb 04 // JLB

Monday February 2, 2009 marked Groundhog’s Day! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring. If it were up to me, I would not continue on with this harsh winter. Unfortunately that is not the case. According to legend, if the groundhog s

Keeping Your Site Relevant, Part Two // Feb 04 // JLB

Web sites that won’t require much maintenance or updating are often built using straight HTML. Sometimes small components are written in Javascript, PHP or Flash to add a little flair or functionality in the site, but we’ll cover those a different time.