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Swift: Better Than a Spork // Jan 29 // JLB

Whether it was the gallons of coffee that were flowing from Starbucks straight into the cups on our desks or too much cold air, something went to our heads this past winter. And for one reason or another, we decided to take on the complex and daring task

SlideShowPro Director not uploading files // Jan 29 // JLB

Those of you fortunate enough to be using SlideShowPro in your projects know what an incredible time-saving tool it can be. But, if you’ve had to use its content management and publishing utility, Director, you might have found that it doesn’t work near

A New Year… // Jan 23 // JLB

Take a good look at our logo and you’ll see some changes. We’ve slimmed down and sleeked up our brand to match our updated, improved array of service offerings for 2009.

You need us….You know you do – Part 5 // Jan 23 // JLB

It’s a new year and that means its time for a new you, or rather a new brand for your business. And its time to get to work! We are about the cross the finish line as all of our hard work is about to culminate in these next few steps. If you aren

Beauty of Brevity // Jan 23 // JLB

When I was a student, I regularly turned in papers that were well below the assigned word count. I never really meant to…they just sort of turned out that way. Yet, in spite of my detour from the letter of the law, my grade on a given paper was almost

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things // Jan 23 // JLB

With the launch of the new JLB website, we also unveiled our new and improved bios. In addition to a brief synopsis of our lives, personalities and jobs, our bios now include a section of “just for fun” questions. One of questions “What

Happy New Year // Jan 23 // JLB

Take a moment to reflect on technology over the last 100 years.

A New Venture // Jan 23 // JLB

Not too long ago I found a site that does “one-off” screen-printing on American Apparel t-shirts. Traditionally, screen-printing involves “burning” graphic designs into silk screens that are then laid on top of a t-shirt (or whatever f