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Your backporch to history… // Oct 28 // JLB

On Nov. 25, 1863, Union forces advanced upon and repulsed Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee, effectively uprooting the Southern soldiers from atop the lofty perch on Missionary Ridge, during the culmination of the Third Battle of Chattanooga. In so

Is your website designed for you or for the people you hope will visit it? // Oct 23 // JLB

Most of us visit sites all over the web with only one experience. For example, I use Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista 99% of the time

Creekstone Model Home Opening // Oct 23 // JLB

Remember when I posted a couple blogs about brand/identity development? Creekstone was the client that I used as an example and on October 23, 2008, all of that stuff that I talked about came to fruition when we had the Creekstone model home opening/Ed

Five Questions with John Crain concerning ActionScript // Oct 23 // JLB

When I started here at JLB as the full-time lead web developer, I was given a fairly clear and concise job description and list of duties for all JLB employees.  Unfortunately, for myself, one thing that was left off that list was writing blog ent

A Mom's HEART // Oct 23 // JLB

As a mom of two, I enjoy spending time with other moms who have children about the same age as mine. I also have a heart for new moms who feel a little lost, and tired, with a new infant who thinks midnight is time to party! Having small children can b

Franklin’s Fabulous Fall Events // Oct 22 // JLB

One of the most popular sections of FranklinIs.com is the calendar of events. The calendar includes events from around Williamson County and the Nashvill

Bean: Cheap and Easy // Oct 21 // JLB

Before about ten months ago, I had never written anything on a computer without first opening Microsoft Word; and I rarely wrote anything that wasn’t a essay, research paper, short story, or poem.  But when I bought a Macbook this January, I

A Regular Guy's (Partial) Conversion to Apple: Part 2 of 3 // Oct 21 // JLB

In my previous post, I wrote on my decision to leave behind the familiar comforts of PCs and give OS X and the Apple Macbook a shot. While I am glad for

A Sense of Style // Oct 20 // JLB

As a growing company, JLB has taken some time to discuss what we want our business to look like going forward. Part of this discussion involves what we look like when we come into the office. Should we don business suits? Or, be able to wear our favori

Wii Love a Challenge // Oct 16 // JLB

The JLB staff works hard and works as a team. Every so often, however, we set aside pen and paper, keyboard and mouse, and yes, even teamwork, for one purpose:  Wii Bowling. Today we held the Semi-Annual JLB Works Office-wide Wii Bowling Invitatio