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A Network All Your Own // Jun 30 // JLB

Online social networks are all the rage these days. To be honest, I’m a little older than the average MySpace, Facebook or &nbs

Any Colour You Like // Jun 29 // JLB

That is, just as long as that color matches the rest of your color scheme. What’s that you say? You haven’t planned out what your color scheme is going to be yet and you are just randomly putting colors together? Well stop right there! Help

Experiences as an Intern // Jun 25 // JLB

Two weeks after graduating from The University of the South, I packed up my belongings from home in Charlotte, N.C., and moved to Nashville. I started my internship with JLB WORKS on the second day of June, and continue to be fascinated and eager to le

Introducing… Me // Jun 23 // JLB

Hi. I’m Lauren Carlton – a newlywed, a new resident of Nashville, and the newest member of the JLB family. As the graphic design intern, my role is to tackle design jobs, work through problems, and basically do what I am told.

While wo

JLB Open House // Jun 11 // JLB

On a sweltering summer afternoon, clients and guests came out to support JLB and see the finishing touches to the office.

Identify Yourself // Jun 10 // JLB

JLB has been growing ever since I came on board 6 months ago. We’ve really morphed from a mostly Web design firm to more of a full service design firm. Where we once specialized in Web design, CMS creation and SEO, we now concentrate on print and i

Introduction to Web Standards // Jun 02 // JLB

I can already hear most of you that know anything about web development grunting and groaning.  I know, it’s much like forcing a senior in high school to go back and learn the multiplication tables.  But this article isn’t for the

Harpeth River Watershed Association's New Vibe // Jun 01 // JLB

It was a long time coming.

That’s probably how Dorie Bolze and her crew at the Harpeth River Watershed Association (HRWA) felt by the time we finished the development of their new website.

In truth, it had taken us a little lo