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JLB launches e-mail marketing section // Apr 30 // JLB

At long last…

We have completed the buildout of the newest section to our website. It’s the email marketing section, and it’s aimed at helping out our current email marketing clients.

What does it contain?

  * An easy-t

Vespa + JLB = Funtime // Apr 22 // JLB

Alright, so we can only guess it would equal funtime.  We haven’t really been able to test this equation as we’re still trying to find the Vespa part of it.  So if anyone out there in the wide web world happens to have an ext

Starbucks // Apr 21 // JLB

I know that everybody is blogging about Starbucks paying homage to their history with the brown logo, but I wanted to say a couple things about it myself…

When Starbucks switched to their green, more streamlined logo, they were on th

Introspective Thoughts from the Development Attaché // Apr 18 // JLB

                 Winter, then spring, then summer, then fall.