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Top 10 Reasons to Make Your Website Responsive // May 14 // JLB

The internet is littered with statistics about the benefits of mobile responsive design for your business website.  After sifting through dozens of articles and blogs on the subject, we’ve decided to save you the time it took us to read them all and compile a list of the most compelling reasons to make the change for your […]

JLB Launches TNWagyu.com // May 08 // JLB

JLB is proud to announce the launch of one it’s latest creations!  TNWagyu.com, based in Franklin at Spring Hollow Cattle Company, provides wagyu beef to high-end chefs and restaurants throughout Middle Tennessee.  Wagyu originates from several breeds of Japanese cattle and is known for its intense and unique marbling, which not only makes it the […]

JLB Launches New Site For High End Beef Product in Middle TN // May 02 // JLB

We are proud to announce the launch of TNWagyu.com!  Produced by Spring Hollow Cattle Company in Franklin, TN, Wagyu beef is a superior quality product that originated from breeds of cattle in Japan.  It’s known for its genetic predisposition to intense marbling, which results in a the most tender and flavorful beef you’ve ever tasted! […]

Why convert to Sticky Navigation? // Sep 11 // JLB

Sticky or fixed navigation refers to navigation that doesn’t get lost when you scroll down on a website. Although only a few major sites have adopted this design, Facebook and Google + for example, research is showing overwhelming statistics that people prefer sticky navigation to the traditional, even though they may not realize why.

A fun example of guerrilla marketing. // Jun 01 // JLB

Guerrilla marketing has just about become a household term. It’s cheap, effective and can reach a large number of people (if done well). Wikipedia says this about it: “The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, […]

The Future of Video? // Sep 22 // JLB

The powers-that-be at Netflix made a bold move this weekend, announcing that their streaming side and physical video side will now be two separate entities with separate names. In the wake of more and more streaming video, Netflix is betting that the dvd-by-mail service will gradually become more novelty than necessary. We’ll see if they’re […]

An unlikely medium? // Aug 04 // JLB

This appeals to both the graphic designer AND the domestic diva in me. Got any book covers you need designed? I need a reason to learn how to embroider… http://designenvy.aiga.org/penguin-threads/

Charity Pays: How businesses competing for your business are now aiming for the heart. // Jul 13 // JLB

It isn’t enough anymore that American businesses reduce their negative effects on the environment or tolerate diversity in the workplace. We’ve come to expect so much more. Way more. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the strange ways corporations are targeting your sense of philanthropy…

architecture from the past from the future // May 03 // JLB

I was perusing my usual design and photo blogs the other morning and stumbled across this amazing collection of photos of Yugoslavian World War II monuments. Each monument was designed by a prominent architect or sculptor and placed on major WWII battle sites and old concentration camp locations. 25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like […]

Therapy // Mar 28 // JLB

So, I’ve suffered a few “shots to the heart” the past month, and I’d like to use this blog time as therapy — on the company clock, of course. The cool thing about therapy is (not that I have any experience), the patient isn’t expected to make any sense of his own bloviating — that’s […]