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How to use Pinterest to win friends and influence people… // Jul 05 // JLB

So…Uniqlo, an awesome Japanese clothes company (I buy their clothes every time I’m in NYC. They’re affordable and really durable. I have two linen shirts that I bought 6 years ago and they still make my regular rotation), figured out an interesting way to “market” on Pinterest. I use the term “market” loosely because they […]

Facebook Timeline…(download a design template here!) // Mar 13 // JLB

Timeline is coming to Facebook. The official change is March 30. As we understand it, at that point Timeline will be the format option that you will find on Facebook. So while we understand the urge to complain, we figure it is time to embrace and ultimately have found much to celebrate about this new […]

Google+ amasses audience // Jan 23 // JLB

On Thursday, Jan. 19, Google and CEO Larry Page released a statement addressing Google’s fourth quarter results and 2011 fiscal year recap. At the outset, Page made a seemingly innocuous, but potentially deeply insightful comment: “I am super excited about the growth of Android, Gmail, and Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – […]

The Whole World Is Being Watched // Dec 10 // JLB

Have you heard of Bluefin Labs? What about General Sentiment or Converseon or Trendrr? Even if you haven’t heard of them, chances are if you talk about television on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, they’ve heard of you. Or at least, they documented your comments.

Four Degrees of Separation // Nov 22 // JLB

According to The New York Times, a new study released this week by Facebook indicates that the average number of acquaintances (“friends”) on Facebook separating any two people around the world is 4.74.

A complete guide to Google+ // Jul 29 // JLB

Long before Google+ even went into beta testing, the blogosphere was abuzz with rumors of Google’s newest attempt at entering the social media world–some might remember the complete wash of Google Buzz–and in that moment in time, Plus was a huge mystery. Fast-forward six months or so and we’re out of beta testing, the world is still abuzz with Google+, over 20 million users have registered for accounts… and yet Google+ is still a mystery. Very few people know exactly what to do with new service or what its features are.

Coming in for a "landing…" // Jun 25 // JLB

When clients hire us to optimize their websites, we always start with research and evaluation. One of the very first things we do is look at their site as a whole — how many pages are there, what is the content, and, of course, what is the site’s purpose. From there, we start to dig into the metrics behind the site – how many visitors does the site receive, where are they coming from, how long are they staying, and what pages are the most popular.

The Power (within) Social Media // Apr 23 // JLB

I read an interesting article this morning. It addresses the fact that social media is powered not by the friends you keep in touch with on a regular basis, but the acquaintances that only a social media outlet connects us to.

Social Media – Is It Working for You? // Apr 21 // JLB

We’ve been talking (and tweeting) a lot lately about the power of social media for businesses. JLB has been using outlets like Twitter and Facebook for a few years now, and at the beginning of 2011, we unveiled a social media package for our clients. It’s been received well, and we’ve signed up a dozen […]

Social Media King? // Mar 24 // JLB

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Tweets, statuses, video blogs. You don’t want to be left behind, like this guy… JLB can help you keep your social networking message clear.