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Starbucks // Apr 21 // JLB

I know that everybody is blogging about Starbucks paying homage to their history with the brown logo, but I wanted to say a couple things about it myself…

When Starbucks switched to their green, more streamlined logo, they were on th

Color // Mar 06 // JLB

As a graphic designer, I have to keep several elements in mind when designing. Depending on the job, font style, textual and graphical layout, and color are usually what I deal with. None of these elements are more important than the other, but today I

Graphic Design? // Feb 08 // JLB

Being my first post on my company's blog, I suppose I should write about something applicable to my position here at the JLB.

Graphic Design? Who cares? I sure don’t.

Thank you for reading my first post on the JLB Blog site.

Fashion Influences Banner Ad Designs // Jan 25 // JLB

Fashion and online banner advertisements go hand in hand. I made this revelation this morning while working on www.FranklinIs.com. FI, (my nickname for the site) is one of JLB’s websites for Williamson County. After earning a degree and then moving overseas for a year, I came back to the States and I began working on this website. It started as a part time gig, to get my feet back on American soil and look for my life calling…Whatever that may be I am still not sure. However, now I am here full time and loving every minute of it!