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Google doodles patent? // Apr 04 // JLB

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this already, but Google recently obtained a patent for their google.com “doodles.” For some time now, Google has been altering their logo to reflect a certain historical event or holiday. Old branding and logo design textbooks might say that drastically changing your logo the way Google does […]

Written Portraits // Mar 31 // JLB

I love to see design changing and challenging what is “normal.” Click here to have a look. These autobiographies have new life and have taken a normal book and made it into a sculpture. I love that the envelope is still being pushed in print as well as web. Since books have so much competition […]

Offensive Design // Feb 28 // JLB

Remember this? That’s right, it’s the 2012 London Olympics logo. The logo was designed by Wolff Olins to the tune of £400,000. Wolff Olins is a world wide leader in brand development and management. They’ve been a large part of the reason brands like (RED), Target and General Motors (to name a few) are so […]

Sort of new Starbucks… // Jan 05 // JLB

Today Starbucks announced that they had a new logo “evolution” to unveil to the world. You can read about it on their site here or read this CNN Money article here. ‪It almost seems like Starbucks is making the whole logo change into a bigger deal than it is…sort of: “The new logo expresses what […]

Form, Function and Followers // Oct 08 // JLB

This September, JLB completed a month-long graphic design and web development project for the folks at Forest Park Apartments. What makes this project notable is how it reflects a series of emerging trends in client requests (and subsequently in the tasks we’ve been executing this year).

New graphic design and website development for Costa Rica // Jul 13 // JLB

This week, JLB launched a new website for our Costa Rican client, Events Costa Rica. And, we have to admit, it’s a tasty little spitfire! Events & Weddings Costa Rica, is a company focused on creating unique, customized wedding and honeymoon experiences in one of the most beautiful countries in the Western Hemisphere. Recently, Samantha […]

FSB Grand Opening // Jun 22 // JLB

Franklin Synergy Bank has just opened a new branch in Franklin and they had their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting today! JLB has worked closely with Aimee Punessen, the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Public & Investor Relations to make sure the Grand Opening was a success. Constant Craving catered the food, Southern Events provided […]

The Franklin Housing Authority // May 18 // JLB

Recently, JLB completed an identity and branding makeover for one of the City of Franklin’s most important residential organizations — the Franklin Housing Authority (FHA).

FSB (behind the scenes) // May 07 // JLB

Franklin Synergy Bank has a lot of cool new plans in the works to help serve people even more than they already do, and they’ve asked JLB to help them spread the word.

A "well-planned" website… // Apr 14 // JLB

Excellence personified. One look at Phillip L. Walker’s portfolio reveals quality, depth and paramount professionalism.