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Responsive Web Design // Mar 27 // JLB

We seem to be getting this request a lot lately … “can you design our new site for a mobile phone?” or “will our new site look okay in an iPad?” or “should we re-design our website to be more mobile-friendly?”

It’s a valid line of thought — and these are exactly the kind of questions clients should be asking. Mobile web usage is at an all-time high (see insightful article and “infographic” from DigitalBuzz). Some estimate that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014. The way your site looks in an iPhone, on a Droid, or in a tablet matters now more than it ever has. The W3C even has a standards section devoted entirely to mobile.

Facebook Timeline…(download a design template here!) // Mar 13 // JLB

Timeline is coming to Facebook. The official change is March 30. As we understand it, at that point Timeline will be the format option that you will find on Facebook. So while we understand the urge to complain, we figure it is time to embrace and ultimately have found much to celebrate about this new […]

Working Alone // Feb 08 // JLB

As the lead, and oftentimes only designer working on a project at JLB, it can be hard to stay fresh and continuously come up with ideas–not to mention good ideas. Over the 5+ years of being the Creative Director here, I’ve learned how to get my mind focused on a project and how to jumpstart […]

GuideGuide // Jan 12 // JLB

Those of us who use Photoshop on a daily basis (literally) know how frustrating using the guide system can be. Guides are used to mark certain dimensions and points of alignment within a photoshop file. I use guides for web design to mark where a content area begins and ends and to align elements in […]

Serif / Sans // Dec 13 // JLB

Graphic designer, Julien Mercier, created a typeface that combines both serif and san serif font details to create a really interesting and elegant approach to typography. It’s called Otsuki-Sama and you can check it out here.

iPhone's are the next graphic designer. // Nov 23 // JLB

iPhone’s are extraordinary but they seem to be encroaching on my job. An iPhone owner has access to hundreds of really creative apps that are made for photography or basic graphic design needs. Hipstamatic and Instagram are two great examples of apps that have almost completely removed the need for post production photo editing. Well, now […]

A little post about web fonts… // Sep 01 // JLB

Smashing Magazine (one of the greatest web resources for designers and developers) is redesigning their site and Elliot Jay Stocks is doing it. He posted a great article about web font usage. Check out his post here: Choose your web fonts wisely  

A new addition to the family… // Aug 10 // JLB

…font family, that is! I know this is somewhat old news, but I just came across this entry at the Ascender Corporation’s blog. Comic Sans Pro Typeface Family Makes its Debut We all know that Comic Sans has gotten a lot of flack for being one of the worst, most overused typefaces in computer based […]

In Search of Inspiration // Jun 24 // JLB

I find it so hard to get inspired just flipping through websites. I love that Twitter takes me places I would never go on my own, but sometimes I need to get creative when looking for inspiration (and motivation). I sit down and color with the kids or go for a walk around the park. […]

Stats that catch your eye… // Jun 02 // JLB

Every now and then I like to keep up with the99percent.com and look at some of the interesting (and sometimes shocking) statistics that have to do with the “creative sector.” Their recent poll of the creative community came up with some interesting numbers. Apparently the Home Office is catching on because 38% of people polled […]