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Google adds Tasks to its list of tools // Feb 13 // JLB

Back in November, I wrote about the organizational challenges that I sometimes face, and about the help I received from an application called Shovebox. More recently, I’ve discovered a additional tool for keeping my thoughts together

Google goes biblical? // Feb 12 // JLB

Not that it’s entirely common to have duplicate content displayed displayed on differing pages of a website (I’m not talking a paragraph or two; I mean from start to finish), but sometimes it just happens. Since there’s really no point in have both these

Google offers easy dictionary check // Jan 24 // JLB

For those wordsmiths out there, I've stumbled on a really cool feature that Google has been using within its main search box.

It's been quite handy when I've wanted to know information related to the definition, or definitions, of a p