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Google and 'secret searching' // May 24 // JLB

Last week, Google unveiled an updated and bona fide encrypted web search option. By using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, the search engine offers all users the ability to shield search queries from third-party interception.

What the world searches for… // Mar 16 // JLB

Ever wonder who searches for the term “ice cream” more in the United States? It’s Bostonians. (Incidentally, Singapore is #2 behind the USA internationally… go figure). Or, maybe you’re more interested in knowing what term was searched for the most on a given day? (Today it was “tiger woods masters” followed by “st. patrick’s day.” […]

Google's 'little' announcement // Jan 10 // JLB

What were you doing on Dec. 4, 2009 at 3 in the afternoon? Maybe getting some Christmas shopping done? Maybe tidying up a work project, getting ready to go home? Or maybe, because Dec. 4 at 3 p.m. was a Friday afternoon, you had already started your weekend.

New Google tool to aid in content design // Dec 17 // JLB

As a design firm, we are constantly presented with the puzzle of creating websites that are pleasing to the eye, but also contain critical information in key places. Due to the wide range of browsers, resolutions and monitor sizes, this can often times be

One of Google's Favorite Places // Dec 16 // JLB

This past week, we received a package from Google. Surprised? Yes, we were

Google partners with MySpace and Lala for New Music Feature // Nov 05 // JLB

Google just introduced an amazing new search feature that allows music playback for song searches!

Finally a Guide for Google Wave! // Oct 30 // JLB

A few months ago, a friend that works in the Montain View office of Google visited and came preaching Google’s newest, massive project, Google Wave. Being too antsy to watch the hour-something video that Google produced about Wave, I had him show me a co

Google's Local Business Center, pt. 2 // Oct 09 // JLB

Placing your business into Google’s Local Business Center is important and can give your company increased web exposure. Unfortunately, optimizing a listing in the LBC isn’t as straightforward as “normal SEO.” What to do…

SERP matters // May 05 // JLB

Ever heard of a SERP? If yes, then you must know a thing or two about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If no, then this little ditty might help. But why am I writing about a seemingly esoteric acronym

Google's Local Business Center // Apr 21 // JLB

Google’s Local Business Center is one of the easiest ways someone can find you. If you haven’t registered your business with Google, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.