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Thoughts from the Development Attaché // Jul 17 // JLB

"They say a change… a change will do you good…"

At least that is what Sheryl Crow  sings out as I drive down the interstate blaring American tunes with one of my closest Swedis

Party Pics! // May 30 // JLB

Not exactly superheros… // May 10 // JLB

They're action figures, really (and yes… there is a difference). 

Sprummer* has greeted Team JLB with a whiz-bang, and few new surprises (pleasant ones). To celebrate the season, we have replaced our team headshots with the faces of so

Vespa + JLB = Funtime // Apr 22 // JLB

Alright, so we can only guess it would equal funtime.  We haven't really been able to test this equation as we're still trying to find the Vespa part of it.  So if anyone out there in the wide web world happens to have an ext

Introspective Thoughts from the Development Attaché // Apr 18 // JLB

                 Winter, then spring, then summer, then fall.

Macs vs. PCs (what Dell doesn't want you to know) // Feb 06 // JLB

For the first four years, our office ran strictly on PCs.

That's all changed.

Over the course of the past year, we have become a hybrid office, running PCs and Macs. Our PCs of choice are Sony and Hewlett Packard. (We really like our So