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The New Twitter… it's coming // Sep 15 // JLB

Within the past week or so, many Twitter users have noted the option to “try the new version” of Twitter. This new interface has been met with the usual “reluctance” by avid users. But, like Facebook before it (or Google, Yahoo!, etc.), the people behind the curtain at Twitter recognize the need to constantly innovate […]

Montana: God's gift to me // Aug 31 // JLB

It was vacation time again for the web dept. at JLB and this time the winds blew me west to the amazingly beautiful state of Montana. Elk and bears and eagles, oh my!

A vacation from my problems… // Aug 31 // JLB

For our 2 year anniversary, my wife and I took a trip down to Savannah, GA. We decided on Savannah for several reasons: 1) Though Elly took a trip down there a few years ago, I’d never been but heard great things about it. 2) We both love small towns (especially the ones that don’t […]

The end of forgetting? // Aug 12 // JLB

Will the legacies we leave in our social networking spaces and blog posts dictate our future choices and otherwise define our yet-to-be?

Sand, sun and bikinis… oh my. // Jun 29 // JLB

We here at JLB tend to work like pretty hard. We also like to take vacations.

Ni Hao from China // Jun 23 // JLB

This week my kids and I have been spending our (amazingly hot!) mornings at Family Bible Adventure at Christ Community Church. This year it’s an around the world adventure! The kids who come get to do everything from paint eggs in Russia to make mud sculptures in Africa to taste sopapillas in South America. My […]

Every four years // Jun 16 // JLB

It only happens every four years… You know what I’m talking about. The local and national nightly news, America’s sports bastion ESPN, late-night talk shows, and even Google are showcasing the World Cup on a daily basis.

Google and 'secret searching' // May 24 // JLB

Last week, Google unveiled an updated and bona fide encrypted web search option. By using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, the search engine offers all users the ability to shield search queries from third-party interception.

A JLB Tradition…At Country Boy Restaurant // Apr 25 // JLB

You may not be aware that we have some long-standing traditions here at JLB. One of my favorites is birthday lunch! The name pretty much says it all–we go out to lunch to the celebrated person’s place of choice. Last Monday we ventured out of the Franklin city limits and celebrated yours truly at Country […]

My birthday… // Apr 05 // JLB

…is coming soon. I don’t love gift giving as a general practice. I think it’s mostly an important custom, and I do like getting free stuff, but it has never been my favorite thing in the world.