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Maximizing Your Results // Mar 30 // JLB

Here are five solid guidelines for increasing your email campaign results… 1. Get permission. The best thing you can do to boost your response rates is to follow the first rule of permission email marketing: send only to people who’ve asked to receive your emails. 2. Proof your content. If your open rates are lower […]

Managing Your Email Campaigns // Mar 30 // JLB

So you want to manage your email marketing campaign with precision and aplomb. The it’s time to get serious! Take a look at the following list of dos and don’ts. Dos Get real with your subject line. (something better than My June Newsletter…) Strike the right balance between images and text. (don’t go heavy on […]

Benefits of email marketing // Oct 31 // JLB

Recently, my husband and I were discussing the differences between email marketing and mass mailers. After doing a little research, the benefits of email marketing make the most sense for stretching your advertising dollar. Here are three ways that email

March showers are bringing April flowers // Mar 23 // JLB

The icy slush has finally left us for good and flowers are starting to pop up all over the nicely kept yards of Williamson County. I love this time of year! I also love this time of year for building new content and creating new marketing strategies for

JLB launches e-mail marketing section // Apr 30 // JLB

At long last…

We have completed the buildout of the newest section to our website. It's the email marketing section, and it's aimed at helping out our current email marketing clients.

What does it contain?

  * An easy-t

So you've got something to say… // Feb 19 // JLB

If your company is growing and your client base is building, sooner or later, you're gonna want to send a message to your loyal customers.

The first step: Obtain contact information. In particular, you need to capture first names, last names