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Beauty of Brevity // Jan 23 // JLB

When I was a student, I regularly turned in papers that were well below the assigned word count. I never really meant to…they just sort of turned out that way. Yet, in spite of my detour from the letter of the law, my grade on a given paper was almost

Bean: Cheap and Easy // Oct 21 // JLB

Before about ten months ago, I had never written anything on a computer without first opening Microsoft Word; and I rarely wrote anything that wasn’t a essay, research paper, short story, or poem.  But when I bought a Macbook this January, I

Bringing in the big guns… // Sep 22 // JLB

You may know that JLB WORKS specializes in copywriting, copyediting and SEO markup. But did you know that we take those roles very seriously?

So seriously, in fact, that we have decided to bring in a ringer. That's right. JLB has recently hir

Google offers easy dictionary check // Jan 24 // JLB

For those wordsmiths out there, I've stumbled on a really cool feature that Google has been using within its main search box.

It's been quite handy when I've wanted to know information related to the definition, or definitions, of a p