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JLB & Sitening make a Raven video // May 22 // JLB

Recently, Sitening selected JLB to work on a series of webisodes about its flagship SEO / SEM software, called Raven. The first webisode, shot with a hand-held HD camera, was taken at JLB HQ in downtown Franklin

Search Engine Optimization for Costa Rica? // May 14 // JLB

A full SEO makeover? Okay, maybe we didn’t “optimize” Costa Rica, but we do have a client there who came to us six months ago wanting to improve her site’s organic standings

SERP matters // May 05 // JLB

Ever heard of a SERP? If yes, then you must know a thing or two about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If no, then this little ditty might help. But why am I writing about a seemingly esoteric acronym

Helping tell The TMA Group's story // Apr 29 // JLB

One of Middle Tennessee’s most valued public-private assets recently hired JLB to give it a full marketing make-over. From identity re-development to branding & messaging, to e-comm and web, The 20-year-old TMA Group has asked Team JLB for the works!

Google's Local Business Center // Apr 21 // JLB

Google’s Local Business Center is one of the easiest ways someone can find you. If you haven’t registered your business with Google, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

'Net working for you?! // Apr 09 // JLB

Social networking is the newest buzz phrase circulating around executive water coolers, these days. Most of us already know what it means, but in case you Rip Van Winkled the past three years, the skinny is

Optimize! Franklin Synergy Bank // Apr 09 // JLB

The nitty gritty… that’s what it comes down to. If football is a game of inches, SEO (search engine optimization) is a game of words. The right words, when placed together and when tagged correctly, can make all the difference in gathering visitors, eng

Welcome to PodCamp… an Unconference. // Mar 09 // JLB

That’s pretty much how it all started last Saturday, March 7. It was my first PodCamp Nashville (#pcn09 for you Twitterers). Over the course of the day seven-hour day (9-4), more than 500 guests filled the halls of Owen Graduate School of Management on Va

Swift: Better Than a Spork // Jan 29 // JLB

Whether it was the gallons of coffee that were flowing from Starbucks straight into the cups on our desks or too much cold air, something went to our heads this past winter. And for one reason or another, we decided to take on the complex and daring task

A New Year… // Jan 23 // JLB

Take a good look at our logo and you’ll see some changes. We’ve slimmed down and sleeked up our brand to match our updated, improved array of service offerings for 2009.