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Just launched! the Chamber's new website // Feb 26 // JLB

This week Team JLB celebrated the launch of a website for the Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce. After months of planning and strategizing, we have worked together with Chamber staffers to execute a robust, content-driven site that puts a fresh face on a household name in Williamson County. The Chamber, established in the late 1920s, […]

Lead generation… // Feb 12 // JLB

Stratum Consulting Partners, based in Superior, CO, offers an array of consultation, asset management and productivity solutions for companies across the States. While Stratum has been successful in building its client base over the past several years, the managing partners recognized a need to ramp up their online presence in 2010. Enter JLB. Our challenge: […]

Hush… it's a secret. // Feb 10 // JLB

I don’t think that I, personally, can hold back Team JLB’s excitement any longer. So I think I’ll give you a little sneak peek: BAM! What’s that you ask? Well, in T minus umm… soon… the entire face of jlbworks.com will change. That’s right. We’re dang close to launching the new JLB 2010 site. Get […]

Q&A Part 3 // Jan 29 // JLB

This is the last and final part of my Q & A with Joshua Lomelino discussing the Web design process. I wanted to post in two parts, but it’s so long that I decided to make it three. I hope you enjoy it. What strategies do you employ when navigating towards a final visual website […]

One of Google's Favorite Places // Dec 16 // JLB

This past week, we received a package from Google. Surprised? Yes, we were

Google's Local Business Center, pt. 2 // Oct 09 // JLB

Placing your business into Google’s Local Business Center is important and can give your company increased web exposure. Unfortunately, optimizing a listing in the LBC isn’t as straightforward as “normal SEO.” What to do…

Helping Williamson County Parks & Rec… // Aug 03 // JLB

Over the past several months, our team has collaborated closely with the Parks & Rec admins to re-cast the county’s site — with an improved Information Architecture, attractive Graphic Design and robust Content Management System

Five Things a Pregnant Web Developer Should Not Forget // Aug 01 // JLB

About six weeks ago, we found out that our family is going to grow come February 2010. We’re really excited! However, the first few months of pregnancy have made me realize that there are some things I take for granted in my daily duties as a web developer and content manager. Here are five little tips that I’ve found that help me get through the day.

McDougal's… wings with style! // Jul 17 // JLB

McDougal’s (chicken fingers & wings) has hired Team JLB to help reinvigorate its marketing and branding strategies with visual enhancements, creative copy and a stellar website

Helping the TCWPA preserve history // Jun 12 // JLB

TCWPA recently hired JLB to update its website with a new graphic design, new site infrstructure & architecture, new content management system (cms), online membership database and acceptance of online donations.